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What to Expect During a Session

At Reflexology, Inc. you have a choice of feet, hands, ears, or face reflexology ~ or a combination (see the “Prices & Packages” web page). During your first visit you will fill out a New Client Health History Form which will be used to design a specific session for your needs.

Click to Download the New Client Health History Form

During all sessions: You will remain fully clothed, removing only your shoes, socks and jewelry. You will be comfortably positioned on a massage table with pillows and your choice of covering ~ a cotton sheet, a flannel sheet, a cotton blanket, or a fleece blanket. An important part of the session is to insure your comfort and sense of being nurtured.

Foot, hand, & ear sessions: You may also choose to have an eye pillow to completely block out all light. Once you are comfortably settled your hands and feet will be bathed with warm water infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils ~ oils known for their ability to induce deep relaxation and for their mild antibacterial/antiviral properties. The reflexologist will begin to apply specific pressure to areas of your feet, hands and/or ears. If there is any area of tenderness it is important for you to let the practitioner know so that the pressure may be adjusted. It is necessary to continue gently working the tender area in order to remove any blockage or to break up any congestion between the nerve endings.

Face Reflexology: Your face must be free of make-up before the session begins. You may bring your own cleanser or use the special cleansing wipes (Seventh Generation) that are provided. The reflexologist will use a special rose hip oil* to work gently yet firmly to stimulate points and zones on and around the face. The technique will relax the tension in the face and balance the central nervous system ~allowing the body to heal itself all while the rose hip oil conditions and tones the face and leaves it more supple and glowing.

* Rose hip oil has an abundance of vitamin C and wonderful antioxidants that support skin health. (Medical science has shown that vitamin C stimulates collagen, decreases wrinkle depth and has lightening effects on pigmentation.)

Responses to a Session:The responses to a session vary from person to person. After foot reflexology some people feel a sense of  peace and deep relaxation while others feel immediately energized and rejuvenated. The soothing techniques of face reflexology tend to bring a very deep sense of tranquility and relaxation.

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